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American Refugee

Nov 30, 2021

They came here as young children, brought illegally into the country.

They've since grown up here, been educated here, work here, the children of undocumented immigrants who are still considered illegal.

They are the Dreamers, an estimated 750,000 of them, protected by deferred action stopping ICE from deporting them.

But that deferral might come to an end. Soon.

You're about to hear what’s at stake for children of undocumented immigrants who've been dreaming for so long to finally be called American.

This is American Refugee.



Carlos Reyes Roja, Dreamer

Eleazar VillaGomez, Dreamer

Veena Iyer, Executive Director, ILCM

Mackenzie Heinrichs, Equal Justice fellow, ILCM

Juliana Macedo do Nascimento, United We Dream

Juli Graber, lawyer, sister, sage

León Rodríguez, former Director, USCIS

Gwyn Moss, Community Program Manager, Ruckus Entrepreneurs


Written, Engineered & Produced: Sam Graber

Music: Rare Medium, New Sound Underground, Purple Funk Metropolis

Recorded: Northfield, MN; Minneapolis, MN

Original Release: November 2021