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American Refugee

Sep 23, 2021

He's a black man with a pit bull.

You're about to join Sam Reeves, a black man from Northside Minneapolis, walking his pit bull in Southside Minneapolis, where the white community lives.

What could go wrong?

Since the murder of George Floyd, a country of 330M has turned its collective eye to Minneapolis, specifically Northside Minneapolis, where the black community lives.

And where they walk their dogs. If they can.

You're about to take a walk down the boulevard of racism, holding the leash of America.

This is American Refugee.



Sam Reeves, music director, Liberty Community Church

Annie Olson, director of customer service, Minneapolis Parks & Rec

Juli Graber, lawyer, pit bull owner, sage

Reverend Doctor Alika Galloway, co-pastor, Liberty Community Church

Rachel Mairose, Executive Director, Secondhand Hounds

James Evans, Chief Executive Officer, CARE

Shannon Glenn, Executive Director, My Pit Bull Is Family


Written, Engineered & Produced: Sam Graber

Music: Sam Reeves, Rare Medium, New Sound Underground, Purple Funk Metropolis

Recorded: Minneapolis, MN

Original Release: September 2021