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American Refugee

Aug 2, 2021

During the Vietnam War, The CIA coopt the Hmong in Laos to fight communism. The American people aren't told. An estimated 300,000 Hmong die during the Secret War.

The Hmong who survive escape genocide and become refugees, awaiting to come to America, to the country they fought for.

As our country today struggles with being the world's shining knight of democracy, how do we weigh the human cost of toppling communist regimes with secret wars?

You're about to hear from the highest-ranking Hmong military official still alive who worked directly for the CIA.

You're about to hear the Hmong ultimately resettle in the America they fought for, the discrimination and rejection they face here.

From the mountains of northern Laos to the refugee camps in Thailand, from the streets of Minneapolis to the White House in Washington, D.C., you're not only about to go there, you're about to hear a secret.

This is American Refugee.


Written, Engineered & Produced: Sam Graber

Recorded: Minneapolis, MN; Washington, D.C.

Original Release: June 2021